Wildflower Mama

Hey Mama, I’m so glad that we’ve found each other!

I’m Tasha, Mama to three tiny maniacs, believer in the power of community and the importance of building a modern mama village both for us and for the health and wellbeing of our babes. I am a lover of tall trees, wind in my hair, and any opportunity to sit in a circle of women and talk about all the things. And then go a layer deeper and talk about all of those things too. 

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Like wildflowers, nature does not intend for us to be in bloom all of the time. The demands of everyday motherhood push us to give util depletion and then give more. We need the life giving gift of personal time. We need to feel our roots, and we need the room to feel the expanse of our true nature. From there we can bloom and share our brilliance from a place of wholeness. 

The Wildflower Mama Circle is a revitalizing workshop created with love to empower and restore as you navigate YOUR Motherhood Experience. When women gather, magic happens. Together we will carve out space for ourselves and take time to nourish YOU.

We are vibrant. We are resilient. We bring joy. We can grow anywhere, even in the darkest of night. We are healed by the rain. We grow freely.  

We are wildflowers.

Begins Early Oct-Mid Nov
Location: Online

All you need is:
(1) hour a week (taken all at once or in tiny bursts)
A facebook account
A mailing address

What’s Included:

+ 6 weekly group sessions
+ Prizes & Giveaways
+ (1) 60-minute private coaching session with Tasha
+ Unlimited Giggles & (Virtual) Hugs

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Weekly Topics

Week 1: Rewilding Motherhood

wildflower mama

Who were you before the world told you how you should be? What creative forces are begging to be released? Let's tap into our innate wisdom and shake free from motherhood narratives that deplete and try to tame us. 

Week 2: Radical Self Care for Mamas

Self care starts with the belief that our needs matter. We will dive into the five universal needs for maternal health and wholeness, talk about coming home to our bodies after babies, and how to restore our vitality - together. 

Week 3: Sensuality & Intimacy

While family life tends to thrive with consistency and predictability, romantic connection needs a little mystery and unencumbered space in order to flourish.  Let’s talk about our bodies, sex, and intimacy after babies and how we can really attune to  our own desires and vital life force.

Week 4: Our Maternal Lineage & Legacy

What is a ‘good mother’? WTF is the mother wound and how does it impact our own experience as mothers and women? Let’s explore how our ancestral inheritance, societal conditioning, and family folklore inform how we view our roles within our families. And more importantly, let’s define our own meaning and hopes for our legacy.

Week 5: Creating Space + Defining Motherhood On Our Own Terms

What do we need in order to go from feeling like we are just surviving the demands of Motherhood to thriving in our day to day lives? How do we take inventory of our needs and communicate them to our partners, families, and community? Together we can create meaningful support systems, cultivate simplicity and ease, and learn to meet our fears & anxiety in parenthood with curiosity and surrender.

Week 6: Coming Into Bloom

Becoming a mother can be a shape-shifting, cataclysmic change from the life and person that we knew ourselves to be before. Many of us find that although we feel more open and stronger than ever before, we also struggle to find our footing as parenthood doesn’t offer us much space to sit with ourselves. In this session, we will discuss a practice for finding quiet and stillness within even as chaos ensues all around. And we will spend real time bringing some of our dreams and visions to the surface as we move forward into our new normal.

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This course is designed to flow into you life effortlessly and deliciously. No scheduled times. No busywork. NOW is the time because you deserve more ease, expanse, and vitality in your life. 

We really want you here! If you are interested for yourself or for someone else please contact Tasha. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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