+ WhenTF is The Mama Village Retreat?

Starts: Thursday July 2 @ 4pm
Ends: Sunday July 5 @ 3pm

+ WhereTF is The Mama Village Retreat?

Shambala Gatherings
Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

WTF is the mama village retreat?

This is a playdate for mamas.

It is a transformative experience designed to get you back to feeling YOU.

You will move, breathe, eat, share, connect, reflect, stretch, go inward, go outward + experience the magic that happens when a small group of rad mamas get together and create space for each other.

You have been hand selected because we are inspired by your energy and the fresh perspective you bring to mama-hood.

And because we can all share and learn from each other.

Our intention is that you get a chance to rest, digest & restore. In nature.

We hope that you leave feeling nourished, mentally awake, physically leaner & lighter, emotionally and socially supported, and spiritually teased with future visions.

Not so into the woo-woo stuff and only wanna come for the food and the pampering? That’s totally acceptable, as it will be delicious and divine!

Yes, come connect with nature in the breathtaking beauty of the Swedish forests of Bergslagen.

Enjoy connecting with a community of like-minded mamas.

Take some quiet time for yourself for some self-reflection.

Mom Treat Includes:

• 1 Visionboard-making session
· 2 giggly, caring, and curious hostesses that cannot wait to pamper YOU.
· 3 nights shared accommodation at Shambala Gatherings
· 4 minimum visits to the lakefront sauna
· 5 (at least!) new tools/fresh perspectives to help you continue to define motherhood and balance on your own terms
· 6 hours of yoga & movement over the course of the retreat
· 7 guaranteed curse words uttered by your giggly hostesses on a daily basis
· 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night
· 9 delicious, nourishing, healthy buffet-style meals
· 10+ hours of workshops over four days designed to give you all the feel good mental and physical stretches
· Unlimited giggles, deep conversations, and meaningful connections with other multi-dimensional Mamas
· Daily Meditation
· Very special guest speakers
· & Gifts & (optional) a la carte massages and other services & many more surprises…

Getting There...

The nearest airport to Shambala is Stockholm Vasteras. You can fly from all over Europe to that airport with the low fair airline www.ryanair.com. From Vasteras airport, you can take a taxi to the train station in Vasteras (about 10 mins) and from there take a train to Skinnskatteberg (about 1,5 hours). The second nearest airport is Arlanda airport. This is the main airport in Sweden. From there you can easily take a train all the way to Skinnskatteberg (about 2,5 hours). To view train and bus times, visit www.sj.se


We are fortunate to have a train station at Skinnskatteberg only 5 minutes ride from the center. During the summers we offer a free pick up services from the train station to the centre. Please inform us in advance of your arrival. For winter retreats, your teacher will inform you regarding train station pick ups. For train times, visit www.sj.se.


If you are coming from Stockholm, please take road E18 towards Oslo. After having passed through Vasteras, take a right on rute 66 towards Ludvika. After about 30kms, take a left on road 233 towards Skinnskatteberg. Right before arriving at the center of town you will see on your right a company called Team Däck, turn right at this point and follow the dirt road to Borntorpet. If you are coming from anywhere else in Sweden, please check www.eniro.se for maps.

The dense forests of Bergslagen around Skinnskatteberg, are a fantastic place to encounter the very best of Sweden’s wildlife. Other than enjoying its abundant flaura and lush beds of moss, the magnificent ”king of the Swedish forest”, moose – otherwise known as elk – can be seen here in its natural habitat, and the many lakes and watercourses are home to the beaver.

The area has also proven to be one of the best regions in Sweden to see other wildlife such as wolves, bears, lynx and owls. Being located just two hours away from Stockholm, the area is easily accessible and makes a great option for a short break wildlife destination.


is a postpartum wellness coach and Mama first community builder. As founder of The Mama Cooperative, she supports a vision for alloparenting and village life in the spirit that our children deserve Mamas who are thriving, not just surviving. By cultivating meaningful support systems together we can raise children, raise consciousness, and raise each other up! She has three kids in diapers so life for her is a literal shit show.


is a Wayfinder Master Coach, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Yin Yoga teacher (studying towards the Insight Yoga Certification with Sarah Powers), and the Village Crazy Mama. She is passionate about raising happy and healthy mamas and currently leads “Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas” retreats worldwide. This, along with avoiding doing laundry, has been her specialty since 2011.

Additional Pampering Services


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Using a soft touch, this deeply relaxing treatment guides you into a profoundly healing state, where your body and mind are allowed to unwind and clear long held tensions.

Cost: 750kr

Duration: 1 hour


When you are going into a floating tank, you have no senses to relate to. It’s completely black with no sounds; you are floating in saltwater with warm skin temperature so you relax totally – this brings you faster to a deeper meditative state, strong connection to yourself and a very deep relaxation. Floating decreases stress hormones in the blood and increases the excretion of endorphins that control pain and stress.

Cost: 300Kr

Duration: 1 hour


Find relaxation and healing in this deeply relaxing massage that is focused at melting muscles and bringing your nervous system into a peaceful state. This treatment combines slow and deep touch and is based on traditional Balinese massage and craniosacral principles to bring your whole being into a state of balance and openness. It is a gentle style of massage intended to let you rest deep within and release stress and tension.

Cost: 750kr
Duration: 1 hour

Booking Your Spot


+ Shared Double: $749 per person
+ Shared Triple: $729 per person 


1. Please fill out this registration (below)

2. Pay in Full (via PayPal Checkout) found below the registration form. 

*We want you here and want to help remove any barriers. If you need to work out a payment plan, email Tasha at themamacooperative@gmail.com so we can work something out! Due to the nature of this event, no refunds are possible. We will, however, consider transfers.

As we have only a limited amount of spots, we recommend you book early. 

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Normally the term retreat kinda makes me gag. Why should I join? 
Because the food will be yummy and the post retreat effects are better than napping. We really just want to create a space to treat you.

Can I bring my kids?
We recommend you to come solo, to take this as a time to disconnect from them and connect with you. But if that is not possible, feel free to email Tasha, themamacooperative@gmail.com to see if we can find an accommodation that will work well for you and your babe <3 

Send an email to: