Life Beyond Birth Workshop in Tokyo

Tokyo Mamas, I am so excited to announce my first workshop, Life After Birth!  ✨✨✨

Registration is open on Facebook (link below):

Every woman deserves to feel well supported as she makes her way through the transition into Motherhood. Please join me as I gather and connect with other Mamas + Babes and Mamas-to-be in a thoughtful discussion about nourishing ourselves into wellness through the postpartum period.

Together we will dive into how to develop and strengthen your support system, the significance of postnatal depletion and recovery, navigating the impact of a new baby on relationship, and the passage from Maidenhood to Motherhood.

(You know, all the simple stuff that goes along with taking care of a lovely and demanding tiny human around the clock. 🤪)

*Space is limited.

Young babies are welcome!

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Life Beyond Birth Workshop in Tokyo

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