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Hey, Mama!
Congratulations on the beginning of your life as a mother to your newest little one!

Adjusting to Life after Birth is an exquisitely transformational experience and it is my hope that you feel nurtured and supported through this transitional time.

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In our current culture, care and attentiveness to the needs of mothers significantly drops off after her baby is born. Focus shifts almost exclusively to the physical wellbeing of the baby, with complete disregard for the fact that the birth of a baby also signifies the birth of a mother. 


I believe that you are SO deserving of feeling supported, nurtured, and honored as you make this incredible transition into motherhood through the fourth trimester and beyond. YOU are doing incredible things right now.

For many women, the postpartum period can be full of joy, empowerment, and crazy, blissed out love. However, living in a society that expects mothers to seamlessly pivot to caring for a newborn without true care, support and connection also leaves many mothers feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and alone. 

Dates: Spring Wednesdays
April 1
April 8
April 15
April 29
May 6

Location: Online

All you need is:
(1) hour a week (taken all at once or in tiny bursts)
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This five-week workshop is designed to bring mothers of young babies together as they navigate their new lives. Together we can build a Mama Village, find nourishing ways to restore & recover, and discover tools to empower your motherhood experience. 

Whether you are a first time Mama or bringing a new sibling into your family, this workshop is made with love for YOU

When Mamas thrive, Babies thrive too!

Come and join us and discover the magic that happens when a small group of new mothers gather. 

What’s Included:

+ 5 weekly group sessions
+ Journal and weekly exercises
+ Vision Boarding making kit
+ Prizes & Giveaways
+ Prizes
+ Unlimited Tissues, (Virtual) Hugs, High-Fives and Love

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$99 for a five week session

*Half of all proceeds donated to community organizations working to uplift struggling families.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Understanding Matrescence

life beyond birth

Together we will take a deeper look at the transcendent transitional period that brings us into motherhood through the lenses of science, traditional rites of passage, and modern motherhood experiences.

Week 2: Postpartum Recovery and Wellness

Discover practical ways to take care of yourself while taking care of tiny humans. We will dive into the five universal needs for postpartum health and wholeness, talk about coming home to our bodies after babies, and how to recover from postnatal depletion.

Week 3: The Family Ecosystem

In a family unit, we are all interconnected. Each addition to our family creates a new normal and impacts the dynamics in every single relationship. Let’s explore how to sustain healthy communication, connection, and resilience as we navigate these transitions. 

Week 4: A Mother is a Story

Your journey into motherhood is important, impactful, and worthy of celebration. Let’s deconstruct the cultural conditioning that demands that Mothers “bounce back” to the body and life that they had before babies and create a new narrative that respects and honors our journey. 

Week 5: Birthing Ourselves

Becoming a mother can be a shape-shifting, cataclysmic change from the life and person that we knew ourselves to be before. Many of us find that although we feel more open and stronger than ever before, we also struggle to find our footing as parenthood doesn’t offer us much space to sit with ourselves. In this session, we will discuss a practice for finding quiet and stillness within even as chaos ensues all around. And we will playfully tease out some of our dreams and visions as we move forward into our new lives. 

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Can I bring my baby?
Absolutely! Babies in arms are always welcome! 

*We really want you here and can completely understand that it's not always financially available to everyone. We have a scholarship available!

If you are interested for yourself or for someone else please contact Tasha via email:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

** This workshop is for anyone that identifies as a mother figure. All are welcome and celebrated!

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