Hey Mama! Welcome to The Mama Cooperative

Hey Mama, I’m so glad we found each other.

I’ve dreamt of creating a space and services for Mamas for about ten years now, sometime around the first time I watched Ricki Lake naked, empowered and in labor in the documentary The Business of Being Born and thought to myself, “I need that kind of magic in my life!” It wasn’t as much about the babies at the end, but more about the beauty, vulnerability, otherworldliness, primal wisdom, and surrender that each of the women in the film carried into their birth experience.

I was struck by how the love and support of surrounding women buoyed each Mother to a place of confidence and resilience in the ultimate practice of letting go. When I became a mother myself, I was struck by how many of those exact same qualities became visible in me and every single Mother I meet. Not just in giving birth to her baby, but in giving birth to herself as a Mama.

So often we hear the adage “It takes a village to raise a child,” but what do we do when that village isn’t obvious or readily available? Many of us entered motherhood believing the idea that books, expensive baby gear, organic food, and a perfect partner would adequately support us enough to make this enormous transition, yet too many are left feeling depleted, defeated, guilty, anxious, and stressed because those things are simply not enough.

We have been left to do the work and carry the weight in our hearts that should ideally be shared between an entire community. We are fed the myth that all of these superficial things will fill in the gaps for us, and if they don’t were are somehow inadequate and failing. But we all know that Motherhood is much deeper than that. Our needs and our love is much deeper than that.

What I want us to really believe is that we deserve more. That our children deserve Mamas who are thriving, not just surviving. I believe that the best way to invest in our kids is to wholly invest in ourselves, and the best way to invest in their future is to invest in other Mamas so they can do the same. Together we can raise children, raise consciousness, and raise each other up!

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Hey Mama! Welcome to The Mama Cooperative

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