“I’ve had to come to terms with not always having my ‘s**t’ together, and letting it be known!! So everyone can rest assured that the yogi Mum is on the same journey as everyone else. Mama guilt does it’s best to get to me on a daily basis, but I do my best to remember […]

Featured Mama: Bex

“I love having people around me that can laugh at the ‘mama guilt’ and can look up and away from what society might be trying to tell us we should act like. I think there should be more support for allowing new mums time and activities to be who they always were for a little […]

Featured Mama: Gilly

“That I tried my best to live my dreams (for me that means living as free, happy & healthy as possible), so that hopefully when they are adults, they will feel that they have the permission to do the same (on their own terms). “ – Carmela, goddess, life coach, crazy village mama and Mama […]

Featured Mama: Carmela

This is me about one year ago. In five months from now I will give birth to my third baby in three years. Um, no, we did not plan it this way. If your jaw dropped a little, I would say that mind fell off of my face when I held a positive pregnancy test […]

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