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There isn’t anyone I know who can guide a new mum better through the transition to motherhood. She’s genuine, warm, honest and caring, with a great sense of humor which is essential during this wildly challenging yet wonderful phase of our lives!!!

liz Partridge

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I'm Tasha, coach and Mama first community builder. As founder of The Mama Cooperative, I support a vision for alloparenting in the spirit that our children deserve Mamas who are thriving, not just surviving.

With three kids in diapers, life for me is an actual shit show. I see you. I feel you. I am you. And this is exactly why I believe that now is the time to reinvest our love and energy back in ourselves so that we can show our children that our wholeness matters.

I'm here to offer you meaningful support, help you build your community, AND give you reassurance that you are absolutely not the only woman walking around town with food in her hair!

I want us to really believe that we deserve more. That our children deserve Mamas who are thriving, not just surviving. I believe that the best way to invest in our kids is to wholly invest in ourselves, and the best way to invest in their future is to invest in other Mamas so they can do the same. Together we can raise children, raise consciousness, and raise each other up!

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“That I tried my best to live my dreams (for me that means living as free, happy & healthy as possible), so that hopefully when they are adults, they will feel that they have the permission to do the same (on their own terms).“

- Carmela

goddess, life coach, crazy village mama and Mama to June (6) and Ela (3) on what kind of legacy she wants to give to her children

“I love having people around me that can laugh at the ‘mama guilt’ and can look up and away from what society might be trying to tell us we should act like. I think there should be more support for allowing new mums time and activities to be who they always were for a little while and then go back to being the awesome mum they want to be. Without time to be ourselves, I really think we get lost in our new role and can’t truly appreciate the awesomeness of parenthood. My most important self care is skateboarding, I try to do this at least twice a week and when I do I feel like a new woman. It centres me to my core. I skate for 2 hours and by the end I realise I haven’t thought about a thing outside that activity. It’s like meditation, but with a rush of blood around the body that makes you feel truly alive. “

- gilly

designer, business owner, medicine woman, badass, and Mama to Tilda (nearly 3!)

“I’ve had to come to terms with not always having my ‘s**t’ together, and letting it be known!! So everyone can rest assured that the yogi Mum is on the same journey as everyone else. Mama guilt does it’s best to get to me on a daily basis, but I do my best to remember the work I’ve done to bring life into the world, nurture a human for thousands of hours both inside and outside of my body, and with that knowledge, I remember I’m a superwoman!!!”

- bex

yogi, teacher, keeper of the magic, and Mama to Elodie (2.5) and baby #2 due in January!